Oriental Birds, Blossom Cushion 16x24 inch (40x60cm) Paloma Home
  • Oriental Birds, Blossom Cushion 16x24 inch (40x60cm) Paloma Home


    With its striking bi-colour feathers and red crown, the elegant oriental crane captured Paloma’s imagination. Hand-drawn in flight, it’s the perfect complement to the Chinoiserie designs in the collection.


    Paloma Faith invites you to immerse yourself in her eclectic and opulent world.

    A maximalist place where faded grandeur collides with the irreverent/rebellious spirit of rock n' roll. Heavily inspired by the distinctive decor in her own home, the range authentically distills Paloma's signature sense of style. A striking blend of influences come together to create a beautifully bohemian set-up that is far from predictable: delicate Chinoiserie motifs are stalked by pouncing tigers; lush botanicals are contrasted by flocks of oriental birds. Playful, premium and above all accessible, every piece is designed to provide a touch of escapism within the home.