Environmentally friendly, organic clay paint...

Earthborn have formulated an organic clay paint that it breathable and have virtually no VOC'S. They have a stunning colour collection that consists of 72 colours.


Claypaint is and ultra-matt emulsion paint that is highly breathable, hardwearing and virtually VOC free. It high breathability makes claypaint ideal for lime plaster.

Ecopro Emulsion & Eggshell

Ecopro are water-based products that are eco friendly and free of oils and acrylics. They are low in VOC's and available in Matt, Lo sheen and Eggshell finishes.


Lifestyle emulsion has been formulated to be both hard wearing and durable for those busier areas in the home. Lifestyle has a low sheen finish which is virtually VOC free.

Ecopro Silicate Masonry System

A durable and highly breathable alternative to conventional masonry paints and lime wash that dries to a classic, matt finish and is weather resistant and virtually VOC free.

Eggshell No.17

Eggshell is durable, washable and scuff resistant making it ideal for interior woodwork. All this and it is both oil and acrylic free, with virtually no VOC's. Eggshell has a silk finish. 

Casein Filler & Casein Paint

A breathable filler that provides  long lasting repairs on interior or exterior walls.  The Casein paint provides a soft matt finish that is breathable and coloured using pigments.

Eco Chic

Eco Chic is a water-based furniture paint that is quick drying, breathable and has virtually no VOC's. It can be finished using furniture glaze to protect your furniture.

Paste, Glaze Primers & More

Earthborn also provide breathable and eco friendly wallpaper paste, primers, wall & furniture glazes and furniture wax and crackle effect products. All are virtually VOC free.